Deep rejuvenating sleep is crucial for your health.

The only way for the brain to detoxify is through sleep. Important hormones such as melatonin and the growth hormone are produced during your sleep cycle. This improves your mental, emotional and physical state.


  • Dreamless sleep, human growth hormone released. Deep, trance-like, nonphysical state, loss of body awareness.
  • Access to unconscious and “collective unconscious” mind, creates “push” to the brain.

Calm down and rock into a deep sleep with ELF emmit.

ELF emmit's Sleep Mood induces a predominance of delta brain waves, by which you'll fall asleep easily and wake up fresh and full of energy.

Last night I got a little over 7 hrs sleep. I also wore it while reading 25 pages of detailed information and used the deep learning setting. I would never had stayed with it for more than maybe 5-8 pages before. Additionally I had no problems understanding the information without re/reading it at all. - Rick Mahoney

An overview of comments and reviews by others about ELF Emmit:

What if you could sleep like a baby and wake up energized?

100% safe and patented technology

ELF emmit uses non-invasive and patented technology known as Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulation (PEMS) which has nearly 50 years of medical and neurological applications and scientifically-proven health benefits.

Relax into a great night’s sleep or you get your money back. Guaranteed.

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