Anthony R. Lafemina, retired NYPD detective

Amazing product. No more wearing headphones. No audible sounds are emitted. You just put it on and set your app to the mode desired.

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Margaret Caisey

I feel so relaxed, Thank you!

My Elf emmit arrived today! Thank you. I have had a very stressful morning, so I'm wearing my Elf band and listening to some relaxing music. I am calm. I can feel a slight tingle from the headband, doesn't worry me.

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Jim Cline

the proof is in the pudding."

So far, my testing indicates the elf emmit has made an improvement in my decades of struggle with severe attention distraction of apparently internal origin, and so it has become very valuable to me, thanks!

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Alice Stephani Smith

It really does help you concentrate.

I am happy that I chose to get it. Thank you. So far I love it!! I also wear it while watching Jeopardy on the Deep Learning mode. It really does help you concentrate.

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Pierre Schlaucher

It worked instantly on me.

Love the meditation and sleep setting. So easy to clear your head when meditating. Had a couple of nights I couldn't fall asleep. Took about 15 minutes with the elf. Good value for money.

 green ELF emmit

Bernfried Műller

Well, I can feel the biggest difference when I use the Anti Stress Mode after a hard day.... Here I can literally feel the effect of calming down when I turn on the elf emmit Anti Stress Mode...

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Niki Rhiannon Marie Tidwell

It worked like a charm.

I used it again last night, and worked like a charm. I've always said my body is like a beast and won't go down easily. But this device definitely puts me to sleep.

 orange ELF emmit

Jason Cushnie

I use the concentration mode when speaking with my prospects and clients really improves my speech and thoughts. Also like the anti-stress mode.

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Patty Kopack-Holubec

I fell much more relaxed.

Hi. I have been using this for a few months. I have to say when I'm stressed my whole upper back and neck tense up, I put this on and within minutes I'm feeling much more relaxed.

 white ELF emmit

Nancy Te Ronde Lueck

Love it!

It works great! I set it to sleep to unwind last night and was dozing off in under 15 minutes! I like the meditation setting too. It works faster with each use too. Love it!

 blue ELF emmit

Kelsey Mackley

The sleep function makes me fall asleep in minutes.

ok I have such a hard time either family asleep or falling back to sleep. This sleep function makes this possible in minutes.

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Brian Klamm

I love it so far!!!

It actually made me feel much less anxious and I didn't have to take as much meds as I normally do!

 white ELF emmit

Charles Lentz

I have had great results from emmit!!

I keep being amazed at how effective the elfemmit headpiece and app are for enabling my thinking to be more functional, back like it was long ago.

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Anne Springer

It worked wonders.

I like mine. I used it for stress last night, as I was studying and writing papers. It worked wonders in just a few minutes.

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Elizabeth Mester

If I wasn't using it, I wouldn't believe it.

I use the anti-stress when I take a gander at the news and remain calm. I can feel the effects sticking with me for at least an hour after I stop. If I wasn't using it, I wouldn't believe it.

 white ELF emmit