• business cooperation terms



  1. The Medwell d.o.o. (seller) is the owner of the product and the intellectual property rights for the product (product) with the commercial name ELF Emmit Your Mind & Body Assistant (hereinafter: the Product);



  1. The subject of the Contract is the sale and purchase of the Product.
  2. The Reseller (Seller) shall supply the Product to the Buyer on the basis of the Buyer`s dispositions (orders). The minimum quantity of each order is 10 pieces/order. Upon confirmation of the order, the Seller shall issue the Buyer an invoice for each individual confirmed order.
  3. Communication between the Parties (transmission and confirmation of order, pro forma invoice and invoice, notification about complaints, etc.) shall be carried out as follows: Email (only account email)
  4. The Seller shall supply ordered Products to the Buyer as follows: Via UPS. 
  5. The delivery time is max 10 days from receipt of the pro forma invoice payment for each individual confirmed order. 
  6. The Buyer is obliged to sell the Product to end customers under the name agreed in email (account) that was sent to the client, in the original packaging and at the recommended price previously agreed by email. 
  7.  For advertising and collecting orders from end customers, the Buyer may use  sales channels or platforms previously agreed by email. 
  8. The Buyer is obliged to immediately communicate to the Seller any eventual complaints of end customers regarding the Product. In relation to end customers, the Buyer will resolve complaints as written in the general terms of the buyer
  1. The Buyer shall use the name (company name), brands and logos of the Seller exclusively to fulfil his obligations under this Contract. The Buyer shall not use the name (company name) of the Seller on behalf of his own company.
  1. The Seller provides a standard warranty for the Product.
  2. The Buyer shall provide the same warranty of the Seller to end customers of the Product.
  1. The selling price of the Product is 75 €/piece, with the parity being CIF Buyer (Incoterms, 2016).
  2.  The Seller may change the price of the Product by prior notice within a period of at least 30 days before the price change. In the case of an increase in price, the price upon ordering applies for all pre-ordered Products.
  3. The Buyer shall pay for the ordered Products through www.elfemmit.com 
  4. Rebates depend on the achieved annual quantity of paid orders and amount as follows:
  • 200 pieces: 2%;
  • 500 pieces: 5%, and
  • 1000 pieces and more: 10%.
After conditions for the rebate are met, the rebate is calculated immediately to the next order.

  1. The seller receives from the buyer special USERNAME AND PASSWORD. All  prices and conditions on the website changes to reseller prices (see PRICE AND PAYMENT). 
  2. Seller has to update  his account with all information (delivery address, billing information). 
  3. Place  order.