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Join the ELF emmit Affiliate Programme for free and make extra income from your social network. Get 10% commission for each sale that you refer through your website, your social media pages, your blog. Check daily your traffic and earnings.

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Join our Direct Sales Programme

This is a great opportunity if you are ready to put some more effort to the business. Join our Direct Sales Programme, get your own web account and generate orders through it: All you need to do is to forward us your customer’s address and payment method. You get 30% commission from each sale + 5% commission from the sale that your customers make.

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We truly believe that  both Affiliate and Directs Sales Prohramme are to our best mutual benefit. We would like to create a successful story with you. It costs you nothing to take a chance. It’s never too late to make world a better place. We're looking for people who love technology and are passionate about products that help people live better. Become an ambasador of good life and join our team now.

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