Deepen your meditation practice and experience a state of mindfulness.

Regular meditation practices improve your life dramatically. You’ll achieve inner peace and clarity, be able to control your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions, and it can reframe your subconscious patterns.

Meditation can help you maximize your mental performance – even in the most chaotic environment.

THETA (7.9-4 Hz)

  • Increased creativity, vital for memory, emotional experiences, potential change in behavior. Deep meditation, and access to the unconscious mind. 

With Elf emmit you can easily enter into deep meditation

ELF emmit's Meditate program induces theta brain waves, which allows you to control your mental processes and optimally balance all your cognitive functions.

I have had mine a few days- it's great for meditation, takes you deeper and I found reading easier to concentrate.

- Sara Jane Blazo

It works great! I set it to sleep to unwind last night and was dozing off in under 15 minutes! I like the meditation setting too. It works faster with each use too. Love it!

- Nancy Te Ronde Lueck

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Meditate anywhere, anytime, and a create a life you love!

100% safe and patented technology

ELF emmit uses non-invasive and patented technology known as Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulation (PEMS) which has nearly 50 years of medical and neurological applications and scientifically-proven health benefits.

Learn to meditate like a monk – or your money back!

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