How to use ELF emmit?

Dear ELF emit user!

We are so excited over our customers’ feedback and the positive experiences with ELF emmit. At the same time there has been several key question regarding ELF emmit and it’s application. We sum up it in here so you can improve your practice and receive the most out of it.

At ELF emmit, we’ve taken careful note of some of the initial concerns of our customers. Most questions related to an initial uncertainty of whether the device was on and operating properly, since it produces no sound or light when operational.


Working principles

The lack of light, sound, vibrations is entirely intentional. Electromagnetic pulses cannot be seen or heard (and of course, they don’t hurt ☺). But our minds and bodies receive the pulses and adjust to them. ELF emmit is designed so that the application detects whether it’s working or not. As long as the app tells you it’s operational, you’re good to go. We designed ELF emmit to be as non-intrusive as possible.

The lack of sound and light is by design, so you can do whatever you like while using it - listen to music on a different device, meditate, sleep. To make sure that the device is working, you can pay attention to the timer, which is counting down time underneath the circle that says “stop.” As long as the timer is counting down, it is a further indication that it is operating correctly.

Using ELF emmit

You can use your smartphone or tablet while you are using ELF emmit. The application should work in the background, no matter what you are doing on your phone or tablet, even when your screen goes to "sleep." The only exceptions are active calls and applications that use audio channel.


ELF emmit is not an On/Off device, like a light switch, a gadget for which you immediately spot the difference, as soon as you turn it on. You, your mind and body need to accept it first, grow accustomed to it, after which point ELF emmit will do its job whenever you need it, and work every time.

How quickly your body takes to adjust to ELF emmit depends on you. Some users spot the changes the first time they turn it on. Others require more time, perhaps 3-10 sessions. This is normal. As you know, many medicines require some time before they begin to work, and it is really a question of how quickly you allow your mind to accept the “suggested” rhythms produced by ELF emmit. In our testing, once ELF emmit begins to work for a new user, it works every time, within minutes, in all settings. So you may need to be a bit patient at the start, but it will be well worth it.

You should also be aware that you will not feel or hear the impulses from ELF emmit—this is normal. ELF emmit is working as long as the app indicates as much.

My advice to you is: use it whenever you need to and, in no time, ELF emmit will become your daily partner.

ELF emmit is simple to use. Please take a look at our step by step guide.
Step 1

ELF emmit is designed for use on a smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android). Download the app. The ELF emmit app can be downloaded on Google Play and Apple Store.

Step 2

Sign into the app with your Facebook or Google+ account. On the first page of the app with ELF emmit written in the circle, you see three lines on the left side above, please click on it, you would thereafter see a tab with sign in, please click on the Facebook or Google+ icons, as this is the only way the programs would start functioning.

Step 3

Plug in ELF emmit and start the app. One way to check if the app is working is to test it with headphones. Plug in your headphones, and start the application and you will hear magnetic impulses converted to sound. Plug in your ELF emmit instead, and the pulses will become silent, converted instead in your therapeutic session.

Thank you for you trust and support. Now you have become part of a technological movement in which one technology, already critical in many areas of health care, is poised to play an even greater role in medicine and in our everyday lives. Instead of pharmaceuticals, you are going to see the emergence of “technaceuticals," like ELF emmit.

Welcome to the cutting edge of wellness. We will inform you weekly about technical improvements, universities reports and research on new uses. We are optimistic that, in the near future, we will even be able to ease symptoms of some neurological diseases. Stay tuned and many thanks. Use it well and with confidence.

My best,
Urban Butinar

It worked instantly on me. Love the “meditation” and “sleep” setting. So easy to clear your head when meditating. Had a couple of nights I couldn't fall asleep. Took about 15 minutes with the ELF emmit. Good value for money.

- Pierre Schlaucher

Evaluating efficacy is my preferred method of testing the subtle effects of things like the [ELF] emmit testing indicates the ELF emmit has made an improvement in my decades of struggle with severe attention has become very valuable to me, thanks!

- Jim Cline

100% safe and patented technology

ELF emmit uses non-invasive and patented technology known as Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulation (PEMS) which has nearly 50 years of medical/neurological applications and scientifically-proven health benefits, with it's origins dating back to ancient times.

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