ELF emmit is the first non-invasive, daily wearable brain stimulator that synchronizes your brain speed with the state of mind you want to achieve, regardless the environmental influence. Based on neuroscience it enhances concentration, increases ability to learn, improves sleep and reduces effects of negative stress.
ELF emmit is made of non allergic plastic. It is smooth, flexible and completely latex-free. Designed as hairbelt it contains sophisticated technology. Please treat your ELF emmit with care and avoid unnecessary bending. Let it become your personal assistant for many years!

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  • ELF emmit non-invasive, wearable brain stimulator
  • User Guide
  • Quick Start leaflet
Clean the exterior of your ELF emmit device with Isopropyl Alcohol or alcohol-based sanitizer applied to a cloth or cotton swab. Do not submerge the device in any liquids.
Of course! We’ve created ELF emmit as device that relies exclusively on natural low frequency electromagnetic waves which are complementary to the chemistry and functions of the body.
ELF emmit doesn’t require a FDA approval, as it’s not considered a medical device.
Low frequency electromagnetic waves that ELF emmit produces penetrate through the body. However, the intensity decreases as the distance grows. That's why we designed ELF emmit as a headbelt.

Yes. But we recommend you to follow User guide instructions.

Why? Because using single frequency longer than necessary may lead to loss of a benefit previously experienced. It's like entering a room full of flowers. After a while you get accustomed to the scent.

ELF emmit uses mobile phone or tablet as a source on energy. As long as your phone or tablet is charged ELF emmit is charged, too.
ELF emmit application uses low energy Bluetooth technology to switch your ELF emmit device to the chosen operating mode.
 ELF emmit costs $129.
ELF emmit is water resistant, but not waterproof. It will do well through the normal day-to-day use but please don’t go swimming with it.
We absolutely protect your privacy on a high level. All your data belongs to you. We take the responsibility of protecting your data and privacy seriously. You can read more about our data privacy policy here.
Of course. We strongly support this idea of yours and will help you as much as possible! To apply, please emailus. You will receive an email confirmation and shortly thereafter our marketing team will contact you and walk you through the process.