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ELF emmit

Quick Overview

Your daily mind-body assistant

Regular Price: $199.00

Special Price $129.00

ELF emmit synchronizes your mind with what you want to do. Stay awake when falling asleep. Learn and concentrate when you're stressed out. Relax after a hard day. Improve quality of sleep. Choose the working mode that suits you best. Experience what the mind can offer you with just one tap.
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Regular Price: $199.00

Special Price $129.00

Cutting-edge neuroscience technology harnessed in unique, wearable med-tech device.

While most devices utilizing PEMS technology are bulky, heavy, and require a power outlet to run, the ELF emmit weighs just .7 ounces and gets all its power from your headphone jack. It is light enough to be taken wherever you go and can be worn all day or night.

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Tech Specification



5.5 x 4.7 x 0.3 inches


0,7 oz


Polycarbonate, Thermoplastic (Elastomeric) Polyurethane, Copper lacquered wire, Ferrite


Not applicable – powered through the headphone jack of your smart phone or tablet

Frequency range:

0.2-19 Hz


iOS* and Android

*On to the one instruction: for those of you using an iPhone to operate ELF emmit, be sure that the volume is maxed out when using the device. The volume controls the intensity of the electromagnetic pulses, and the device works best when the volume is up. Android phone does this automatically, but iPhones do not.

Your first days with ELF emmit

Only 4 steps to become better version of yourself. And remember this - the more you use it the more effective it becomes.


Position ELF emmit comfortably in the back of your head


Plug the device into your smartphone


Open the app and select your mood


Enjoy the benefits


"The benefits certainly sound enticing. Who wouldn't want to gently influence the brain into doing what we want, when we want, regardless of outside factors like stress and pressure."

"I did have success with sleep and anti-stress programs. The ELF emmit seems pretty durable considering that we mistreated it on purpose."

"I can do a lot more than you can possibly imagine."

"The ELF emmit is the first in a new wave of wearable technology that interfaces directly with the human brain to help you work harder, sleep better, and even meditate deeper."

"So you want to put your brain in the right state of mind for your studies or to simply get some sleep? The ELF emmit can help. It is a smart wearable device that emits pulses from 2 Hz up to 19 Hz to change your mood."

"The therapeutic frequencies can be adjusted with five different settings, listed as the Gamma Wave, Beta Wave, Alpha Wave, Theta Wave and Delta Wave which are monitored by the app to ensure optimum results.”

Synchronize your mind and body and change the world!

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